Basic EFT Procedure


At the centre of EFT is the process of tapping (with the fingertips) on a sequence of energy meridian points on the body while at the same time focusing on an issue or problem. This helps to release "blockages" which are disrupting the natural flow of energy and which are the underlying cause of most, if not all, emotional and physical symptoms experienced.

On scale of 0 to 10 you decide how much this problem is troubling you, and the aim is to do enough rounds of the sequence to reduce the number down to "0" This can happen rapidly in just a few rounds in one session (we call this a "one minute wonder" - which happens quite often) but more realistically on deeper issues, takes more rounds and a few sessions.




The following is an example of how we would use the EFT procedure to treat a pain in the arm


1) We find the pain and give it an "Intensity" rating, on a scale of 0 to 10. ) 0 being ok and 10 being extreme.

2) We then use a Set up Phrase such as "Even though I have an extremely painful arm, I deeply and completely love and accept myself," this is done whilst you are  focusing on the arm pain and are tapping  on the "Karate chop" point, on the side of the hand.  We do this three times and then we start to tap around all the points continuing to focus on our “pain”

3) We then slightly change  the original phrase, to make a shorter "reminder phrase", such as "This arm pain" and repeat this as we continue with the sequence of tapping points.

4) After doing a few rounds of this basic sequence, we will discuss whether the intensity rating has lowered and repeat the process as necessary.


The main tapping points:

around the inner edge of the eyebrow

around the outer edge of the eyebrow

under the eye

beneath the nose

on the chin

the collarbone point

     under the arm

     The wrist points